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A Christmas Story from Salvation, Texas: Winning the Blacksmith’s Heart

It’s time to return to Salvation, Texas for a heartwarming story of about the healing of broken families and the love that can blossom when two people work hard together to make a new life together.

Orphan Ida Cleary is looking to start a family out West:  she wants to give her children the loving home she never had.

Blacksmith Walter Jonas couldn’t agree more. Estranged from his own father for almost a decade and still grieving the loss of his mother, he’s worked hard to carve out a place for himself in the world.

But as factory-produced good from back East eat into Walter’s livelihood, he and Ida will need every bit of creativity they have to avoid being tossed out into the cold by Christmas.

Winning the Blacksmith's Heart final 01

Seven Brides for Seven Lawmen: Samuel’s Secret (Mail-Order Brides of Resurrection, Book 1)

One of my absolute favorite musicals as a teenager was Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. So I couldn’t resist the idea of a mail-order bride series that played off that title.

This is the first book in a new series set in the might-have-been frontier town of Resurrection, Kansas. The Mail-Order Brides of Resurrection books will be a bit lighter than the Salvation books, with more humor.

I hope you like them!


Winning the Bounty Hunter’s Heart (Mail-Order Brides of Salvation, Book 4)

Book 4 in the Mail-Order Brides of Salvation has a little bit more adventure than the first three books had. The heroine, Colleen, is on her way to meet her husband-to-be when her train is held up by an infamous gang of robbers.

I don’t want to spoil the story for you…

Winning the Bounty Hunter's Heart04


New Release! Winning the Doctor’s Heart

I’m so delighted to share a new book with you — Winning the Doctor’s Heart (Mail-Order Brides of Salvation, Book 3).

In my research, I’ve stumbled across a collection of letters and diaries written by frontier women. As I read, I’m repeatedly struck by how brave and resourceful these women were, to move to a strange new place, to give up the comforts of civilization, and to brave not just the dangers of the West, but also the loneliness of leaving friends and family behind. It must have been wonderful to them when they did make a friend in their new home–to know someone else was going through the same trials and could help them bear the hard times.

Winning the Doctor's Heart01finalA MAN WITH A BURDEN TOO TERRIBLE TO BEAR

Doctor Daniel Murdock wants nothing more than to heal his patients and keep his younger brother Kenneth out of trouble. Raised by their aunt after their parents’ death, Daniel and Kenneth couldn’t be closer.

That’s what Daniel thinks. Until he discovers that Kenneth has a secret.


Orphan-turned-tutor Anne Schroeder has wanted to be a nurse her whole life. But when she loses a nursing school scholarship and her tutoring job in the same month, she’s left penniless and alone.

Her only choice? Spend the rest of her life cleaning up after rich folks, or accept a marriage proposal from a Texas man she knows only through letters.


Anne’s expectations are turned upside down when she arrives in Salvation the day before diphtheria strikes. Wedding ruined, unable to break quarantine, she throws herself into caring for the sick. It’s her calling to ease the suffering of her patients.

She sees that Daniel is suffering too, in a completely different way. As she fights by his side to save the townsfolk of Salvation, will Anne also win the fight to heal this doctor’s wounded heart?

Get your copy of Winning the Doctor’s Heart:  Kindle