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Pablo Neruda on the Union of Souls in Love

i do not know pablo neruda

Opposites attract, right? That’s how it is with my husband and I. He’s a vegetarian, I’m an omnivore. He loves movies with lots of drama, I want action scenes and explosions. He jumps right into the deep end of the swimming pool, while I’m still testing the water with one toe.

But that’s what makes life exciting together. We each take the other person to places we never would have gone on our own.

Do Dogs Go To Heaven?

Dog Heaven Will Rogers quoteAs a kid, my best friend was Heather, a mutt who my father saved from a puppy mill. When I waded in the creek, she jumped in and splashed alongside me. When I climbed trees, she waited at the bottom for me to come back down. I’ll never forget how wonderful it was to go for a walk and know that she’d be right behind me, no matter how far I went.

Wherever she is now, that’s where I’m going when I die, too.¬† See you there, Will.