Winning the Homesteader’s Heart

Winning the Homesteader’s Heart
Harriet arrives at her new home just in time to learn that sleazy businessman Edmund is sabotaging the farm, pressuring Harriet's new husband Lewis to sell his land. Can Harriet and Lewis figure out why Edmund is after their home before the dastardly businessman forces them out?
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About the Book


Ever since Harriet Gilfrey’s mother died, she’s worked as a maid in the mansions of the rich. Without a dowry, she can’t expect to marry well in Chicago, so she pays to be listed in a mail-order bride catalog. But most of the men who write her seem to be interested in one thing—her looks.

When Harriet is blamed for breaking an antique vase and loses her job, her only option is to accept a proposal from a man she barely knows. She chooses Lewis because he’s the first man to seem interested in her for who she is, rather than what she looks like.


Lewis Sharp has spent four long years tending his homestead, and all that work is about to pay off. He’s ready to settle down, but there’s only one problem: all the women he’s found through the mail-order bride catalog are interested in one thing—his money.

So when he meets a woman who cares more about family than finances, he proposes. Harriet seems intelligent and kind, and she’s used to the kind of hard work that a farmer’s wife must do.


Harriet arrives in Salvation to learn that Lewis is literally betting the farm on his next harvest: if anything happens to his crops, he won’t be able to pay his debts.

To make matters worse, a slick businessman named Edmund has been pressuring Lewis to sell his land…and when Lewis refuses, a string of unfortunate events plague the farm. The law is no help: Lewis can’t prove that Edmund is behind his misfortunes.

But the real mystery is why Edmund wants the land in the first place. It’s not worth what he’s offering, and it’s clear that the businessman has no intentions of becoming a humble farmer.

Can Harriet and Lewis figure out why Edmund is after their home before the dastardly businessman forces them out?

About the Author
Faith Parsons

Faith Parsons is a descendant of homesteaders who rode West in a covered wagon–first to settle in Missouri, and later in Idaho. When she’s not writing stories about the men and women who settled the American frontier, she enjoys baking and going for long walks with her husband.

Her heartwarming clean romance stories follow the lives of courageous men and their mail-order brides as they struggle to build new lives for themselves and their families on the western frontier.

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