Just a Girl: Amelia’s Frontier Adventure

Just a Girl: Amelia’s Frontier Adventure
eBook: $2.99
Series: Mail-Order Brides of Laramie County, Book 3
Genres: Clean Historical Romance, Historical Fiction, Western Romance
Format: ebook
Length: novella
Illustrator: Nada Orlic
Abandoned by her fiance and stranded in Wyoming, Amelia falls in love with Davin, a handsome man with amnesia. Together, they uncover a nefarious gang of criminals who prey on orphans. Can they save the children without losing each other?
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About the Book


When his sister flees from an angry mob boss who wants to stop her from testifying, Davin Doyle realizes that he’s the one Boss O’Malley will come for next. Caught between the police and the Irish mob, Davin hops on a train to Wyoming, where he thinks he’ll find his sister.

With O’Malley’s lieutenant on his trail, Davin is forced to jump from the still-moving train. He survives the fall, but when he wakes up, he can’t remember who he was or where he was going.

His only piece of luck—he’s been found by a pair of traveling missionaries and their beautiful niece.


After her lawman suitor stops writing, Amelia doesn’t know if he’s lost interest or lost his life. She travels west with her aunt and uncle, who are on their way to Wyoming to take over the operation of an orphanage.

Amelia soon finds that the frontier is a dreary place…until they rescue a handsome but mysterious man who can’t remember where he’s from or why he jumped from a speeding train.

But when she arrives in Cheyenne, Amelia learns that her would-be suitor is in jail on charges of corruption—she’s left stranded in Wyoming without prospects.


Davin wants more than anything to court Amelia. But his new boss at the saloon forces him to choose between keeping Amelia safe and standing up to a nefarious gang of criminals who are preying on children from a nearby orphanage.

He still doesn’t remember the man he used to be—but Davin must now choose what kind of man he will become.

Will he find a way to protect these victimized children without losing the woman he loves?

About the Author
Faith Parsons

Faith Parsons is a descendant of homesteaders who rode West in a covered wagon–first to settle in Missouri, and later in Idaho. When she’s not writing stories about the men and women who settled the American frontier, she enjoys baking and going for long walks with her husband.

Her heartwarming clean romance stories follow the lives of courageous men and their mail-order brides as they struggle to build new lives for themselves and their families on the western frontier.

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