Courage is…

John Wayne on courage

Doesn’t this orange tabby look dead-serious determined to catch those outlaws and save the ranch?

Next time you’re procrastinating on doing anything, just ask yourself, “What would Orange John Wayne Cat do?”

Then saddle up and get ‘er done.  🙂

Do Dogs Go To Heaven?

Dog Heaven Will Rogers quoteAs a kid, my best friend was Heather, a mutt who my father saved from a puppy mill. When I waded in the creek, she jumped in and splashed alongside me. When I climbed trees, she waited at the bottom for me to come back down. I’ll never forget how wonderful it was to go for a walk and know that she’d be right behind me, no matter how far I went.

Wherever she is now, that’s where I’m going when I die, too.  See you there, Will.

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